About Us

Ask anyone who lives or works in the neighborhood of Newtonville where to find delicious Italian cooking, and they’ll point you to Fiorella’s. Since opening in 2000, we’ve earned a local reputation as the go-to choice for homemade, Italian-inspired cuisine. Prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and served with hospitality from the heart. Since then, we’ve expanded into Concord, Belmont, Wellesley and continue growing. After years of selling our renowned marinara sauce by the jar at Fiorella’s restaurants, you are now able to purchase our sauce at independent retailers and grocery stores all across New England.

We’re excited to bring our tried-and-true, generations-loved marinara sauce to your table. Whether you’re recreating our famous chicken parmigiana or enhancing a family recipe of your own, we know Fiorella’s family of sauces will soon become a pantry staple!